General FAQs

What is Flutter?

Flutter is a boston-based startup that raises money for local charities by creating once-in-a-lifetime local experiences. 

How do I join Flutter?

Joining Flutter is easy and free. Just visit our register page and enter your email and a password. You'll then be asked to confirm your email. That's it!

Is Flutter a raffle?

No. No purchase is necessary to enter or win any experience on Flutter. 

How does Flutter make money?

80% of the money donated to a charity is directly deposited into the bank account of that charity - Flutter doesn't ever touch that money. 6% of the donation goes to the credit card processor (Stripe), and the remaining 14% is retained by Flutter to cover costs of business.

Is Flutter a 501c3 non-profit?

No. Flutter is a Limited Liability Company (Flutter LLC) based in Massachusetts. Flutter has filed with the Massachusetts Attorney General office as a Commercial Co-Venturer to raise money for 501c3 non-profits.

Registering and Managing Your Account

Can I register myself to multiple accounts?

No. You can only make one $10 donation to each charity and in return only receive one entry to win (the experience). The same is also true in regards to the Free Alternate Method of Entry - only one free entry (via mail) per experience. 

I forgot my password. How do I retrieve it?

If you forgot your password just enter your email address in your Forgot Password form and your password will be retrieved for you.

Can I change my account information? (Name, password, address, email, notification, etc)

Yes, your account information can be changed once you log into your account via our Sign In form. 

How do I update and change my credit card and billing address?

Your account information, including your credit card and billing address on file, can be changed at anytime by logging into your account via our Sign In form. 

Can I delete unused and outdated credit card(s) and shipping/billing address(es)?

Yes. You can update your account, including outdated credit cards and old billing address, via your account. Just Sign Inand you'll be looking at your account information where you can make changes to; contact information, update password, and billing. 

Can I alter between credit card(s), and billing address(es)?

You can change/update your credit card information at any time, but you can only have one credit card on file at a time. To update your account information just Sign In

Why do I have to verify my account with either my email or cell number?

Experiences and Donations

What is an experience?

An experience is something we remember forever.

Flutter gives the common man a chance at winning a once-in- a-lifetime experience, which in return raises money for local charities who are helping people within our community.

For a list of Flutter's experiences visit our experience page

What is a donation?

Flutter's mission is to empower every individual to experience local giving, no matter their income. While entry to an experience is free, we hope that you'll consider gifting money to a local charity.

How much are donations?

When entering an experience you can donate up to $100.  To make larger direct donations, please visit the charities page on Flutter and donate from there.

What is the minimum age a participate needs to be to purchase a raffle ticket?

How many donations can I make per experience?

You are limited to just one $10 charitable donation for each experience. The reason is because we want everyone to have an equal chance at winning an experience regardless of how wealthy or poor they are. 

Do I need an account to make a donation and/or win?

To make a donation to an experience you need to create an account with Flutter. The reason being, we use a secure online payment system that allocates your donation to the respective charity and automatically enters you in to win that experience. 

You may however enter to win an experience without registering or donating. To do so, mail a 3" x 5" inch card inside a business envelope with your name, contact information, and experience desired, to Flutter LLC, 14 Upland Road, Brookline, MA 02445. 

When does the experience donation period end?

The time remaining for each experience is clearly displayed on the right-hand column of each experience page. 

What does the “tipping point” of the experience mean?

Each experience has a tipping point that quantifies the value of that experience. The tipping point is exceeded when the value of donations to charity exceed the tipping point’s dollar amount. If the tipping point is not met, then the charity still receives the donation, but the experience is not donated - no one wins the experience.

What happens if the experience doesn’t meet the tipping point?

If the tipping point is not met then no winner will be chosen and the experience will not be awarded, but the charity receives the donations.

Can I refund my donation?

$10 donations via Flutter help support local charities within our community and are therefore non-refundable. 

Does my money get refunded if the experience does not meet the tipping point?

No. If the tipping point is not met then the charity still receives the donation, but the experience is not awarded.

Will there be sale tax on top of the price of the raffle ticket?

No. You'll be charged exactly $10.

What are your shipping and handling policies?

Flutter does not ship any products. You are donating to win an experience which is a real-life adventure in your city. Upon completion of the donation period our computer will automatically pick a winner. Once the winner has been picked we'll then contact him/her to arrange the experience. 

How will the charge appear on my billing statement?

Flutter LLC will appear on your billing statement. 

What currencies does Flutter accept?

Flutter accepts all major credit cards. 

I live outside of the United States, can I still enter and participate?

Yes. However, please note that all the experiences take place in (or originate from) the local US city that featured the experience. If you win then it is up to you to arrange travel to and from that US city. 

Are donations tax deductible?

Flutter is a for-profit company and since donations first go to us before being sent to the non-profit there are varying legal interpretations on whether that contribution is deductible. We provide you with an email receipt and a summary of total donations (in your account) so you can keep track of donations if you elect to deduct them. In many states within the US, a receipt is not required for contributions less than $250, so it is up to you and your tax-advisor as to whether you can/want to deduct the donation(s).

Redeeming and Winning Experiences

How is the winner determined?

Upon completion of the donation period our computer randomly picks a winner(s) from all the donations. Once that person is picked then he/she will be listed on the Flutter website and we'll contact him/her via email to coordinate that experience. 

Visit our Official Contest Rules for additional information. 

Is there always a winner to every experience?

No. If the tipping point is not met then the experience is not awarded to a winner. 

How will I know if I’ve won the experience?

Flutter will contact you via email at the end of the donation period - keep an eye on your inbox. We'll also post the name of the winner on the experience page of ExperienceFlutter.com.

Visit our Official Contest Rules for additional information. 

What happens once I’ve won the experience?

If you're the winner of an experience then we'll work with you to coordinate all the scheduling needed for your to enjoy the once-in-a-lifetime experience. This could be everything from entering your name on guest lists to mailing tickets to you to booking airline flights. 

Can I transfer or gift the won experience to a friend or family member?

Yes, you can donate to an experience in the name of a friend or family member. You may also donate in the name of one or many friends when making a donation. 

Can I resell or re-donate the experience I won?

No. You are not allowed to resell the experience. However, you are allowed to make a donation in the name of a friend(s) when donating. 

Does Flutter provide travel and accommodation to the winner(s)?

Only if it's specifically stated on the detail page for the experience. All of our experiences are local so it's up to that person to be in the area when the experience runs. In certain experiences the experience is a trip from the local city - in these cases the travel is covered in the win. But, if you don't live in that local city then it's up to you to get there to commence the travel. 

If I’ve won an experience before, can I win another one?

You're allowed to win one experience every 30 days. 

Does Flutter conduct background searches before approving the winner?

Yes, Flutter performs background checks on the winners to ensure the safety of all parties involved. 

Security and Technical Support

How does Flutter keep my payment information safe and secure?

All Flutter transactions are made over 2048 bit encrypted secure socket layer connections.  
We have partnered with Stripe to handle payment processing.  All payments and full payment information is handled with Stripe.  To learn more about Stripe please visit http://stripe.com.  
Your contact information is stored on the Flutter servers so that we may service your account best, and contact you in the event you are chosen as an experience winner.  With the exception of your login email address, all information on our servers is encrypted.

My account is having problems making a donation, what do I do?

Please contact us at hi@experienceflutter.com

How do I request a feature I think Flutter should build?

We welcome all feedback, good/bad and suggestions, via our Contact Us page. We're looking forward to hearing your suggestion. 

What kind of browsers and devices can Flutter be viewed on?

Flutter has been tested on the most recent version as well as the last previous version of these major browsers:
Internet Explorer
Safari Mobile
The site was built using responsive techniques to allow for varying screen resolutions.  We strive for a unified experience across all browsers and devices, however, due to technical limitations, some features may not be available on all browsers.  If you are having any trouble viewing certain aspects of our website, please notify us immediately through our contact form. 

Partner and Donate to Flutter

I’d like to donate an experience to Flutter, what should I do?

Thank you! We really appreciate your interest in Flutter.

Please contact contact Tom O'Keefe via our Donate an Experience contact form to donate an experience. 

My non-profit is interested in working with Flutter, what should I do?

Thank you for your interest in Flutter - we really appreciate it. First step is to contact Tom O'Keefe via our contact form to work on an experience for your charity. 

How can I partner with Flutter?

Does Flutter charge a fee to partner with?

No. There is no cost for a brand or a charity to use Flutter. However, we do take 20% of the donations donated to the charity so we can continue to stay in business.