World Parrot Trust

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About World Parrot Trust

As a leader in parrot conservation and welfare, the World Parrot Trust works with parrot enthusiasts, researchers, local communities and government leaders to encourage effective solutions that protect parrots.

To do this, we focus on:

  • Conducting and supporting field conservation projects,
  • Working to eliminate the international trade in wild caught parrots and;
  • Increasing awareness of the plight of parrots, in the wild and in captivity.

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Shultz's Guest House

Shultz’s Guest House is a 501c3 dog rescue organization that rescues dogs from high-kill shelters in Tennessee and transports them to MA to find their forever homes.

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For the Love of Dogs

For the Love of Dogs

For the Love of Dogs funds compassionate sterilizations for street dogs, and researches the latest non-invasive techniques for a safer and quicker recovery – and less euthanization!

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Boston's Forgotten Felines

Throughout the city of Boston there is a population of feral and abandoned cats suffering homeless lives. We are dedicated caretakers who provide daily care for feral cats, who we TNR (trap, neuter, return), and we find homes for friendly stray cats.

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