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The World Ocean School is an internationally focused nonprofit, nonsectarian organization dedicated to providing challenging educational programs aboard the schooner Roseway.

The port of Boston has been World Ocean School’s central place of operations for the last nine years, reaching into the city’s most challenged neighborhoods and sparking engagement, motivation, and self-confidence. While the drop-out rates are technically stabilizing city-wide, crime, drug-abuse, and unemployment among young people seem entrenched.

Our programs operate aboard the National Historic Landmark ship Roseway, a 137’ Grand Banks schooner built in 1925 in Essex, Massachusetts—one of the nation’s few authentic tall ships still afloat. Here, we jump-start the education of students through academically inspired, hands-on curriculum, using Roseway to teach practical math, science, ecology, language arts, and teamwork, as well as the glorious maritime heritage of the schooner trade. We don’t offer field trips, we offer challenge and inspiration, demanding absolute engagement and commitment.

Happily, there is no question about the overwhelming success of Roseway as an educational platform. With over 2,000 kids coming aboard each year, the stories are endless about lives transformed, school principals who can’t believe the new attitudes, parents who marvel over changes in their children, and a grateful community. With World Ocean School they learn, among other things, that you can’t raise a one-ton mainsail by yourself, and that teamwork was always essential in traditional tall ship sailing and is still essential at sea and on land, in their personal lives, and in organizations like ours. We’ve seen firsthand that the results of this program are transformative, profound, and lasting. Our goal is to inspire and nurture a passion for learning and further education, encouraging a desire to be part of the maritime communities that surround us.

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