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Charitable Confections is a volunteer-run, 501(c)(3) public charity that assists educational nonprofits in developing countries. We currently operate in Haiti and Armenia, via our two "charity du jour" or partner organizations, which are based in Cite Soleil -- the most destitute slum in Port-au-Prince -- and Yerevan. In addition to raising funds to sponsor childrens' tuition and assisting our partner organizations with editing and creative content for their websites, we have implemented an in-house tutoring program, a big brother/big sister Skype program and two Skype tutoring programs (peer-peer and adult-advanced student). We also curate our own curriculum content by recording original podcasts and videos of Harvard, MIT, and London School of Economics professors, celebrity chefs, and other professional luminaries, all of which is accessible for free on our website.

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Cambridge, MA


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