Thank you!

In June 2015, Steve Callan and Tom O’Keefe created Flutter to empower every individual to experience local giving, no matter their income level. During this time, Flutter created dozens of amazing experiences that raised a total of $126,089.08 for Boston charities.

Our platform was simple; donate $10 to local charity for the chance to win an experience. We capped donations at $10 to give everyone an equal chance of winning, regardless of their financial wealth. Flutter was built on the belief that it’s better to have 100 people donate $10, than one person donate $1,000. In our four years of business we had over 9,000 people donate $10.

Today, December, 31, 2019, we’re closing Flutter to explore other charitable endeavors and new social impact platforms. We want to thank all of our donors for their support over the years - together our small donations made a huge impact. And, we want to encourage everyone to continue supporting local charity - every $10 donation makes a difference.

All the best,
Steve & Tom